I am a experienced technology leader, mentor and architect with a deep understanding of working at scale, risk management, security related issues and complex cloud based web architecture.

With over 15 years of experience, my previous roles have given me skills and understanding of multiple areas including software development using traditional paradigms (3-tier, SDLC), systems administration (Windows & Linux), information security (Attack & Defence), technical pre-sales, business growth, complex migrations, systems integrations and web scale.

At Mindvalley I manage a very multi-cultural tech team across multiple complex platforms spanning payment processing, media streaming, high traffic web properties, customer service tools, financial reporting, shipping/logistics, e-mail handling/reports and cross-platform SSO for auth/identification.

We run the entire team process using Scrum and agile methodology with 2 week sprints and I am a certified Professional Scrum Master.

My long standing passion in the technology arena is what is going on in the Information Security – the latest developments, techniques, tools and happenings around the globe. This is reflected by the ‘top 5’ security blog I founded and write for at https://www.darknet.org.uk – which I update multiple times a week with the most useful infosec tools and news.

Along the same lines, I also co-founded http://www.security-forums.com in 2002 which lead me to make a lot of useful contacts in the security industry.

And later based around my hobby at the time the fastest growing photography community in South-East Asia http://www.shutterasia.com

Gareth Davies & Liam


If you think it's expensive to hire a professional to do the job, wait until you hire an amateur.

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